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[libvirt-users] Creating a static Virtio-Serial 'Port'

Hi all,

I'm having some problems getting Virtio-Serial running as I'd like.

I have 10x USB <-> Serial adapters plugged into my VM Host / Hypervisor, acting as a console server. These are currently operated by the VM Host itself, but I would like to move them to a guest. I have used ISA-Serial but it's limited to 4 'ports' per guest.

I've setup Virtio-Serial for the guest and it works, I can pass info via serial from the Host to Guest. I'd like to use socat to link the physical USB serial TTY's and the guest serial 'ports' in /dev/pts.

This is works fine and the guest can communicate with the Serial <-> USB adapter, however the Guest serial 'ports' are in /dev/pts and they are assigned a number dynamically when the VM is started, so I can't automate socat to run at boot.

Is it possible to assign static PTY's in the host, to the Guest? Or, if this needs to be scripted, is there a command I can run to find out which PTY it's on without parsing the XML from a dump?


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