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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt/qemu and cgroups

> The precise answer depends on which version of systemd you have. In
> any systemd host though, systemd should ensure all the filesystems
> are mounted correctly. If you have libvirt >= 1.1.1 and systemd >= 205
> then you can use its "slice" and "scope" concepts to setup grouping
> of VMs. If you have older systemd,  then you have to setup groups
> manually. There's some guidance on setting up groups here
>    http://libvirt.org/cgroups.html
> If you have systemd >= 205 then you can ignore cgconfig.conf entirely.

systemd 208-10  and libvirt 1.2.1-1

So you are telling me I spent hours and hours of reading for nothing ? GGGrrhhh.

I use the slice concept (or partition map) with this file :


I have been reading and reading again your mentioned link, and I
think it is the correct thing to do. But this part puzzles me:

Systemd slice naming

The systemd convention for slice naming is that a slice should include
the name of all of its parents prepended on its own name. So for a
libvirt partition /machine/engineering/testing, the slice name will be
machine-engineering-testing.slice. Again the slice names map directly
to the cgroup directory names. Systemd creates three top level slices
by default, system.slice user.slice and machine.slice. All virtual
machines or containers created by libvirt will be associated with
machine.slice by default.

Following above lines, I am thus not sure of the correct name of my
.slice systemd file. When trying to avoid any issue, the guest is on
the root of my filesystem in /dhalia. directory. This directory is
owned by gabx:qemu (not sure it is useful, but when I created it, it
came with these owners)

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