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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt/qemu and cgroups

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 01:28:42PM +0100, arnaud gaboury wrote:
> > The precise answer depends on which version of systemd you have. In
> > any systemd host though, systemd should ensure all the filesystems
> > are mounted correctly. If you have libvirt >= 1.1.1 and systemd >= 205
> > then you can use its "slice" and "scope" concepts to setup grouping
> > of VMs. If you have older systemd,  then you have to setup groups
> > manually. There's some guidance on setting up groups here
> >
> >    http://libvirt.org/cgroups.html
> >
> > If you have systemd >= 205 then you can ignore cgconfig.conf entirely.
> systemd 208-10  and libvirt 1.2.1-1
> So you are telling me I spent hours and hours of reading for nothing ? GGGrrhhh.
> I use the slice concept (or partition map) with this file :
> machine-dahlia.slice
> I have been reading and reading again your mentioned link, and I
> think it is the correct thing to do. But this part puzzles me:
> Systemd slice naming
> The systemd convention for slice naming is that a slice should include
> the name of all of its parents prepended on its own name. So for a
> libvirt partition /machine/engineering/testing, the slice name will be
> machine-engineering-testing.slice. Again the slice names map directly
> to the cgroup directory names. Systemd creates three top level slices
> by default, system.slice user.slice and machine.slice. All virtual
> machines or containers created by libvirt will be associated with
> machine.slice by default.
> Following above lines, I am thus not sure of the correct name of my
> .slice systemd file. When trying to avoid any issue, the guest is on
> the root of my filesystem in /dhalia. directory. This directory is
> owned by gabx:qemu (not sure it is useful, but when I created it, it
> came with these owners)

Lets say you want a 2 level hierarchy for the guest from your example
above. In the libvirt XML you would set the partition name to:


this corresponds to a systemd slice call  machine-dahlia.slice

If you wanted a third level you'd need to create machine-dahlia.slice
and also create machine-dahlia-foo.slice, making sure the latter had
After=machine-dahlia.slice. Then the libvirt name would be listed as

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