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[libvirt-users] LXC container driver

Dear all,

I am slowly building a Arch Linux VM guest on my Arch Linux host.

The guest machine is now built and is recognized as shown by this command :

gabx hortensia ➤➤ ~ % machinectl list
MACHINE                          CONTAINER SERVICE
dahlia                           container nspawn

1 machines listed.

I an following the libvirt.org documentation. Now, according this
page[1] about lxc driver, i am dealing with namespace requirements.
This sentence, in bold, puzzles me:

A suitably configured UID/GID mapping is a pre-requisite to making
containers secure, in the absence of sVirt confinement.

If I understand what a namespace is, I have no idea how to make sure
my UIG/GID mapping is well configured. I would appreciate having any
hints abut this part of the settings.

Another question : is there any advantage/disadvantage using the lxc
Userspace tools[2] instead of libvirt to manage these namespaces ?

Thank you for help.


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