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[libvirt-users] Problems with qemu-system-arm and isa-serial


I'm trying to use libvirt for an armel virtual machine hosted 
into an x86_64 box.

I know the command line to start qemu-system-arm directly, but I 
cannot figure a proper .xml configuration file to let libvirt do 
this job.

The main problem is that I want a serial console attached via 
telnet, this is the Qemu incantation:

-serial telnet::4000,server,nowait,nodelay

Wahtever I do in libvirt, I get this paramter added:

-device isa-serial

which causes Qemu to fail:

qemu-system-arm -M versatileab -device isa-serial \
    -kernel vmlinuz-2.6.32-5-versatile
qemu-system-arm: -device isa-serial: No 'ISA' bus found for device 'isa-serial'

How can I instead have -device pl011, or just have the default 
devices provided by qemu-system-arm, i.e. to prevent libvirt from 
adding the -nodefaults switch?

Thank you!

Niccolo Rigacci - http://www.rigacci.net/
Campi Bisenzio - Firenze - Italy
Tel. Office: +39-055-9331021, Mobile: +39-327-5619352

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