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[libvirt-users] Cloning of Running Domain


I have a running transient domain with a storage volume that utilizes a backing file (both QCOW2 format).

I'd like to capture the disk and memory state of the domain preferably to external file(s) (which I understand is an 'external checkpoint'), so that other independent domains can be instantiated and effectively "resumed" from this point-in-time profile.

My network configuration is such that domains are network-isolated at L2, so resolving MAC/IP address and similar conflicts within the guest are not of concern.

Is it possible to accomplish this? I've looked at both the snapshot/checkpoint and migration APIs and it appears as though the pieces are there, but am having difficulty defining the proper workflow.

For instance, an external online checkpoint can be created using virDomainSnapshotCreateXML, but is it possible to disassociate the snapshot from the source domain (effectively returning it to its pre-snapshot state) and at a later time instantiate new domains using the the disk/memory data from the snapshot files?

Any recommendations, insight, or guidance is appreciated.



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