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[libvirt-users] sluggish behavior


This is my first stab at this mailing list.  Forgive me if I am over/under verbose.

We have been running KVM for a while now and love it.  Recently I have noticed a weird anomaly
that is getting on my nerves.  When I clone (GUI or virt-clone from CLI) both virt-manager and virsh
enquiries get extremely sluggish.   Using top I cannot see any resource issues.  No I/O wait, the load
average show noting outside of the normal, nothing taking CPU or Memory.  I have notice that in a
couple of the instances the libvirtd daemon was stopped.   We have more than twenty (20 +) VM's
running - they all seem fine.  The metal server is a beast of an 820 with 192GB of RAM and 64 CPU's.
The load average rarely creeps above 2 or 3.  Do not think it is a resource issue.   I can write a test
file to the filesystem/volume where the images live at over 350MB/s.

The sluggishness disappears after a reboot.  If I clone a VM ... back again ...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Ainsworth

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