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[libvirt-users] Live snapshots of a single block device


I am working on a script to automatically create live snapshots of running VMs using qemu-kvm 1.4.0 and libvirt 1.0.2. If a VM has multiple disks, I'd like to back them up individually with separate calls to snapshot-create-as, so I can more easily manage the disk images. The code I have now is essentially as follows:
virsh snapshot-create-as --domain "vmname" --name "snapshotname" --description "snapshot description" --disk-only --atomic --no-metadata --diskspec "vda"

I run this command for each block device (e.g vda, vdb, etc). However, after running the above command (to only backup vda), I see that a snapshot has also been created for vdb. I tried running it with --print-xml, which gives this output:
    <disk name='vda'/>

What am I doing wrong - how can I tell snapshot-create-as to create an external snapshot for a specific block device only (not all block devices)?

Also, while looking at the manpage, does the --live option do anything different if used with the above command?


Andrew Martin

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