[libvirt-users] quick question on schedinfo

Yasser Shalabi yassershalabi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 04:23:27 UTC 2014

Hey everyone,

Can anyone explain the scedinfo parameters? I am wondering if I can use
this, (along with host side niceness scheduler tweaks) to cause vCPUs to
dominate the total time of the CPUs they are pinned to.

Here are the sched info parameters:
Scheduler      : posix
cpu_shares     : 0
vcpu_period    : 0
vcpu_quota     : 0
emulator_period: 0
emulator_quota : 0

The documentation (
http://libvirt.org/sources/virshcmdref/html/sect-schedinfo.html) is not yet
filled for this.

If anyone can explain these parameters, or point me to relevant code it
would be helpful!

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