[libvirt-users] maxvcpus

Michal Privoznik mprivozn at redhat.com
Thu Nov 20 09:24:39 UTC 2014

On 20.11.2014 09:12, Laszlo Hornyak wrote:
> Hi list,

Hey Laszlo, long time no see!

> According to the libvirt documentation [1]
> "Show maximum number of virtual CPUs for guest domains on this connection"
> This may not be a complete definition.
> My first guess from the above was that this returns the number of
> virtual CPUs that can exist at the same time on the host, either one or
> several VMs. In fact it returned 16 in my fedora 20 desktop running with
> KVM, while this is not the real limit of vCPUs. I can define a VM with
> more than 16 vCPUs (which does not really make sense when I have only
> two cores, but it looks cool) and  also I can have well over 16 virtual
> machines running on the host. I looked into the implementation and now I
> understand that each driver returns different values, but I do not
> understand the constants. Can you guys give me some hints how should I
> understand the output of the command?

Well, qemu drivers serves both virt types: kvm and bare qemu. While the 
latter has no real limit (it's just an userland process without hw 
acceleration), the former involves KVM in kernel and thus has some 
limitation on maximal number of machines (inherited from KVM 
limitation). So, unless you specify which virt type you want to use, 
libvirt blindly returns 16 (arbitrary meaningless value). But if you 
specify kvm you'll get sensible value:

virsh # maxvcpus

virsh # maxvcpus --type kvm

Hope this shed more light in.


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