[libvirt-users] Assigning IPv6 address to guest

The Cop thecop at thecop.us
Sat Oct 4 14:36:40 UTC 2014


I am trying to assign an IPv6 address to one of my guests. I followed the
following guide, unsuccessfully:

I have the following config files:
dumpxml of the guest `deb`: http://sprunge.us/iUef
net-dumpxml of network `default`: http://sprunge.us/WTfH
net-dumpxml of network `ip6`: http://sprunge.us/YEXc

ifconfig: http://sprunge.us/cJOg
Routing table: IPv6: http://sprunge.us/GChZ IPv4: http://sprunge.us/dACN
/etc/network/interfaces: http://sprunge.us/fHcf
/var/lib/libvirt/radvd/ip6-radvd.conf: http://sprunge.us/JcfF
ip6tables: http://sprunge.us/JGBG
uname -a: http://sprunge.us/acFF

ifconfig: http://sprunge.us/JIFN
Routing table: IPv6: http://sprunge.us/ZPfT IPv4: http://sprunge.us/gbXA
/etc/network/interfaces: http://sprunge.us/ZaBB
uname -a: http://sprunge.us/CFFL

Both machines are running Debian Wheezy. virsh version is The IP
address I'm trying to assign to the guest is "2607:5300:60:1156::2/64".
Forgive me if I'm making some trivial mistake, but this is more or less the
first time I'm productively using IPv6.

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