[libvirt-users] KVM incremental backup using CBT

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Mon Oct 13 14:21:57 UTC 2014

On 10/12/2014 10:14 PM, Jd wrote:

> So this seems to be already in qemu. How can I try this with KVM
> context. Do I need to build from source ? or some version of KVM already
> has this ?

KVM is the kernel technology that allows user-space virtualization.
qemu is the user-space program that takes advantage of kvm; sometimes,
the binary is named qemu-kvm to express the relationship.  Many people
treat the terms interchangeably these days.  If your distro ships qemu
2.1, you already have all that features that libvirt currently can drive
on top of kvm.

>>>       * What version of qemu/kvm will have the core capabilities and
>>> which min libvirt version would be sufficient ?
>> Until patches materialize, it's hard to predict the future.
> Could you clarify a bit more .. I am not too familiar with how things
> move from qemu --> kvm  and how the libvirt releases are aligned with
> qemu or kvm releases if they are.

You shouldn't be worried about qemu/kvm interactions as much as
qemu/libvirt interactions.  Right now, there are features in qemu that
have not yet been exposed in libvirt; the features will be added as soon
as someone volunteers to write the patches, but given the nature of
volunteer work, it is hard to predict when that will be.

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