[libvirt-users] drive-backup command permission denied.. and need some clarification

Jd jd_jedi at convirture.com
Tue Oct 14 17:52:09 UTC 2014


     * Trying to get drive-backup command, getting permission denied. :(

        sudo virsh qemu-monitor-command --hmp my-instance --cmd 
drive_backup drive-virtio-disk0 /tmp/foo.vda.img

        Looks like apparmor issue. What can I modify to make this work ?

      * Couple of other questions
        drive-backup :
           * The doc seems to claim that it gives a point in time copy 
of the drive. So I assume that no need to take any snapshot etc.. and 
merge back in.
           * does it internally use snapshot ? Does this hook in to 
doing fsfreeze and unfreeze using guest agent and does it automagically 
?  I do not see any options here.
           * Suppose I have base <-- sn1 --<-- sn2 (QEMU active) .  does 
it take data from sn2 only ? or base+sn1+sn2 .. full drive  and creates 
a new qcow2 sparse file.


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