[libvirt-users] Public IP addresses are not logged in VMs

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Thu Oct 16 22:14:18 UTC 2014

Anyone that can help me solve this one?

I have around 4 VM's on a server and the network is bridged and a /28
public IP range assigned to it . When a client connects to one of the VM's,
they all always log the address of the host server, never the client ip

How can I fix this?

Things I have investigated:

1. Switch to routed network.  That would not help, since I would firstly
need another public IP subnet to route to (the virtual machines).
2. Could have something to do with the libvirt firewall rules, but they are
default, I didn't touch them

I have read many posts in forums and websites, but none make any mention of
this behaviour.

Help would really be great!
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