[libvirt-users] KVM incremental backup using CBT

Thomas Stein himbeere at meine-oma.de
Wed Oct 29 19:07:57 UTC 2014

On Saturday 11 October 2014 10:13:14 Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:

> 2. Create an external live snapshot:
>     $ virsh snapshot-create-as --domain vm1 sn1 \
>         --diskspec vda,file=/export/images/sn1.qcow2 \
>         --disk-only --atomic --no-metadata
>     Note (thanks Eric Blake): Above, if you have QEMU guest agent
>     installed in your virtual machine, try --quiesce option with
>     'snapshot-create-as' to ensure you have a consistent disk state.

About the --quiesce option. Do i need to do something inside the vm? The most 
commonly would probably be a sql server running inside the vm. Do i need to 
tell the sql server something about the --quiesce option i use? I read this 
article here which suggests such a procedure. Okay, it's vmware, but... Is 
that right?


thanks and cheers

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