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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt-lxc

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 09:50:04PM +0100, Mark Clarkson wrote:
I noticed that libvirt-lxc will be deprecated for RedHat:

"Future development on the Linux containers framework is now based on
the docker command-line interface. libvirt-lxc tooling may be removed
in a future release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (including Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 7) and should not be relied upon for developing
custom container management applications." -

And CentOS:

"further deprecated packages: libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc,
libvirt-daemon-lxc and libvirt-login-shell " -

And LXC support from linuxcontainers.org is poor for RedHat/CentOS:

"... Also Cgmanager which is currently not available on CentOS 7. So
cannot support unprivileged containers and thus LXD. Systemd based
containers need at least LXC 1.1, lxcfs and related dependencies that
are not available on CentOS. ... For a stable, seamless and smooth
experience we suggest either Debian Wheezy with Flockport packages or
Ubuntu Trusty. ..." -

It seems that the only way for me to use LXC containers on
CentOS/RedHat is to use Docker, which I am not particularly happy
about since, as I understand it, Docker and
libvirt-lxc/linuxcontainers.org-lxc are for different use cases, with
their own pros and cons, for example:
"Why use LXD? ... Full operating system functionality within
containers, not just single processes ..." -

There are many uses for full containers within build, server
management, testing, etc. where quickly creating containers that look,
'feel' and act just like real servers is beneficial, and far cheaper
(in many ways) and more versatile than fully virtualised machines or
docker containers.

I have just discovered libvirt-lxc and found that it works well on
both Ubuntu and RedHat, and is designed to be integrated into tooling,
which is exactly what I need.

I considered Runc before libvirt, but libvirt is so versatile,
allowing me to use other technologies such as qemu/kvm, and with its
rich API, that I would prefer to use libvirt - it would allow me the
most options for change in the future and seemed like a 'no-brainer'
until I saw the deprecation announcement.

Will libvirt-lxc be dropped from libvirt?

The fact that it's deprecated in some distributions doesn't mean we're
dropping it.  LXC driver is still being developed upstream, and to be
honest, I don't know what _exactly_ deprecated means on CentOS.  Maybe
they won't let you create BZs for LXC driver issues.  But if you want
to use it, nobody is telling you you cannot.  And if you don't need
super-stable downstream release, you can always grab the latest rpm
from ftp://libvirt.org ;-)

Will there be an alternative for a similar container based use-case
(as in requiring a full machine) on RedHat?

Best Regards
Mark Clarkson

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