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[libvirt-users] libvirt logging of virDomainAttachDeviceFlags()



When using «  virsh attach-device  …..”  to add a channel device to a Guest , I see following entry in libvirt log :


2015-12-07 11:14:47.307+0000: 14551: debug : virDomainAttachDeviceFlags:10433 : dom=0x7f2a58252fc0, ……..


Great !!


But , when calling virDomainAttachDeviceFlags( )  from a C program , I got return code -1 but nothing appears related  to virDomainAttachDeviceFlags( ) in the libvirt log file .

Others libvirt calls of this C program are correctly logged .


Did I misunderstand something ?



To add traces I’ve added these lines within  /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf


log_level = 1




Thx for help.







J.P. Ribeauville


P: +33.(0).


Puteaux 3 Etage 5  Bureau 4


jpribeauville axway com



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