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Re: [libvirt-users] Migrate Win2k3 to KVM


Do you need the exact error message (the codes)?

The error message "No system disk" means the disk is booting from a KVM perspective so no.
Wait a moment! There isn't any text format error messages! So no explicite "No system disk", either.
There are long hexa codes. One of them is 0x0...7b if I remember well and the machine always
reboot (of course I can disable automatic reboot).

I don't want Virtio. I want to boot my image first.

You already have it seems like.
Yes, I found a howto about virtio and I tried to use it. In the 1st time I choosed SATA.
As I mentioned I can't use the mergeide.req on the physical machine but I can do anything with the image (if I don't het error messages from the virt-win-reg). 
I don't know if my restore to iSCSI volume was perfect.

It looks liek your restore to the ISCSI volume went well.
Nice. ;-)
There wasn't any error messages and the imag is able to boot until BSOD which means missing system disk. Is that right?

OK.My diagnostic is almost perfect (with Google help).

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