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Re: [libvirt-users] Migrate Win2k3 to KVM

Hi Pierre,

On 11/07/2015 20:01, Ruzsinszky Attila wrote:
> The error line is: *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF789AA94, 0xC0000034,
> 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Perfect, this is what was expected. This should be easy to fix.
Good news! ;-)
Great, then, it opens possibilities. Let's try the following:
- - Install chntpw
Is that a Linux program? I use Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.
- - Mount your disk on Linux
- - Move to Windows/System32/config (beware the case!)
- - Now, start registry editor: chntpw -e sam system security software
"system security software" is parameters?
The following commands are to type in chntpw prompt:
- - hive 1 (to move to system)
- - cd ControlSet001
- - cd Control
- - cd CriticalDeviceDatabase
- - Check you have the following keys: primary_ide_channel,
secondary_ide_channel, pci#ven_8086&dev_7010, pci#ven_8086&dev_7111
keys. Some will be missing (otherwise, you'd boot ;-)).
I think I'll find SATA something, because the original image was taken from a
SATA system.
- - Add the missing ones. For example: 'nk pci#ven_8086&dev_7111'
What does it mean "'nk"?
followed by: 'cd pci#ven_8086&dev_7111' followed by 'nv 1 Service' (1
... and "'nv"?
for REG_SZ) followed by 'ed Service' and type intelide. Proceed like
that will all the missing keys & values[1], 'cd ..' when you're done
with all the values of a key, to proceed for the others
- - cd .. (you're now in Control)
- - cd .. (you're now in ControlSet001)
- - cd Services
- - Check you have the following keys: atapi and intelide
- - Add the missing ones[2]. REG_DWORD type is 4 when doing nv. (like nv
4 ErrorControl)
- - You're done, so: q to quit chntpw (of course, reply 'y' to write hives)
Maybe I'll have question with registry. Tomorrow morning I'll try your steps.
Can I a backup file from the registy before I start the procedure? And how?
Back to your linux term:
- - cd ../drivers/
- - Check you have atapi.sys and intelide.sys. In case you don't,
extract them from the cab file you can find in Windows\Driver Cache\i386
- - Umount
- - Try to boot again, and report.
Now I copied the virtio drivers to the ./Drivers directory.
I understand the 1st goal is booting from IDE. What about SATA?

Thanks for your howto!
I think I'll ask you about registry.

Question not just for you:

Why did I get error message "permission denied" for vir-win-reg command?


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