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Re: [libvirt-users] Debug VM boot from ISO issues

On 07/14/2015 12:55 PM, KARR, DAVID wrote:
> I'm having trouble booting a VM from an ISO, but my problems may not be virtualization issues, just general confusion.
> I'm running virt-manager on Ubuntu, but I need to boot a VM with an ISO that is based on CentOS.  Is that possible?

The two are unrelated. Any supported guest OS can be hosted on any
supported host OS (modulo any bugs that might exist in the specific
version of qemu on your host).

> How do I define the VM in virt-manager to boot from an ISO?  I initially created the VM with virt-install, but I started over with virt-manager, and now I'm not sure how to specify the ISO to boot from.

When you are defining the new virtual machine, select "Import existing
image", then select the ISO image. (If you instead select "Local install
media (ISO image or CDROM), virt-manager will boot *once* from the ISO,
then reconfigure the guest to boot from a hard disk the next time.)

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