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[libvirt-users] Migrate KVM linux based VM to microsoft Hyper-v


I am searching around this topic but didn't get any suitable link, can you guys please help with this.

i have my linux based VM as .img which is built on top of VirtIO protocol and runs fine on KVM or qemu.
i am trying to port the same on the Microsoft Hyper-V but it is not working.

I get blank screen  with no other actions, tried the same on virtual box also but result is same.

i have converted the vm.img format to .vhd, .vhdx, .vmdk , .vdi using different tools like qemu-img , 
and other windows based tools. but no success.

I am running hyper-v on windows 10.

My existing linux based VM setup works on qemu both in Centos and windows, but other than that 

its not working on any other hyper visor.

i am not sure whether i need to update My VM's drivers to support hyper-V.  Please guide me in the 

right direction.

Roshan S

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