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[libvirt-users] libvirt-1.2.17 I can't define lxc container


I'd like to set up my first lxc container using libvirt. I'd like to
start using the simplest configuration and next add things I need. So
I've got xml as below:
 <domain type='lxc'>
   <clock offset='utc'/>
   <capabilities policy='on'>
 <filesystem type='mount'>
   <source dir='/opt/vm-1-root'/>
   <target dir='/'/>
 <interface type='network'>
   <source network='default'/>
 <console type='pty' />

When I try to define container I'm getting:
virsh # define /tmp/vm1.xml
error: Failed to define domain from /tmp/vm1.xml
error: invalid argument: could not find capabilities for ostype=exe

I can't also find similar problem using web search engine. Maybe someone
here can give me advice?


# virsh -V
Virsh command line tool of libvirt 1.2.17
See web site at http://libvirt.org/

Compiled with support for:
 Hypervisors: QEMU/KVM LXC VMWare ESX Test
 Networking: Remote Bridging Interface udev Nwfilter
 Storage: Dir Filesystem SCSI LVM
 Miscellaneous: Daemon Nodedev Secrets Debug Readline Modular

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