[libvirt-users] kvm/vmware side-by-side?

Boylan, Ross Ross.Boylan at ucsf.edu
Fri Mar 20 18:47:30 UTC 2015

http://libvirt.org/drvvmware.html says "The libvirt VMware driver should be able to manage any Workstation, Player, Fusion version supported by the VMware VIX API."

1. Does this mean it supports the vmware hypervisor, or just that it understands the disk images and perhaps other cotnrol file info?
2. If it supports the hypervisor, does this mean that kvm and vmware hypervisors can be running on the same host?  I've read statements elsewhere that they are incompatible.

I'd probably be running VMWare Workstation 11, though I could get Player or vCenter Server if it mattered.

Ross Boylan

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