[libvirt-users] Installation of libvirt on Ubuntu

WANG Cheng D Cheng.d.Wang at alcatel-sbell.com.cn
Thu Mar 26 15:06:23 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I wonder if libvirt can work on Ubuntu.

As you know, it is very convenient to install libvirt on Fedora. I can download the libvirt packet from libvirt.org and install it using command ./configure, make and make install.

As I am going to install an open source simulation system named openairinterface, Ubuntu is the recommended OS, and I want to install the simulation system in libvirt lxc. (as you may know, there is another lxc user space tool on Ubuntu whose official website is "https://linuxcontainers.org", which I don't want to use).

My questions are:
1)  Can I install libvirt on Ubuntu with the same installation steps as on Fedora (i.e., manually download the tar.gz packet and install it locally)? I found a link talking about installation libvirt on Ubuntu which installs something like "libvirt-bin" (https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/libvirt.html). I am not sure if libvirt can be installed following this instruction?

2)  How can I create the rootfs for a Ubuntu container if libvirt can be installed on Ubuntu? I create the rootfs for Fedora container using:
# yum --installroot=/root/fedora16linux container --releasever=19 install -y openssh, bridge-utils".
How can I achieve this on Ubuntu?

3)  If libvirt can work on Ubuntu, Can a disk file on the host OS be exposed to a Ubuntu container just like on Fedora?

With my warmest regards,

Cheng Wang
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