[libvirt-users] problems with xl (libxenlight)

big strong fangtuo90 at gmail.com
Thu May 7 08:17:04 UTC 2015

Since new version of xen use xl as the default toolstack to manage xen,
I've met a lot of problems.
1. xl has no commands such as start and clone, which is confusing. How can
I bring a vm back after I shutdown it?
2. Each time I use 'xl shutdown domid' it comes into "PV control interface
not available: external graceful shutdown not possible.
Use "-F" to fallback to ACPI power event." The only way to do it is to use
-F option and then the state of the vm turns to block. And it can never be
started again.
3. If I want to use virt-manger with xl. How can I import a vm created with
xl into virt-manager? I think there should be a convertion form cfg file to
xml file, but I haven't found official solution. What I did is to create a
new vm in virt-manager with the disk created by xl. but it always comes
into error when I tried to manage vm with virt-manager.
4. how can I change back to use virsh instead of xl as the toolstack to
manage xen? It's really aboring to counter all kinds of problems
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