[libvirt-users] Hardware requirements for SPICEd desktops

Lucio Crusca lucio at sulweb.org
Tue May 19 15:13:58 UTC 2015

I wrote:
> 1. Let's say I assign 4GB of RAM to each guest and that the network 
> has 20 running guests at any given time, should the server have at 
> least 80GB (20 by 4) of RAM or can I "oversell" a bit and bet on the 
> fact that only few guests will actually use 4GB?

I've found the answer to this question: https://goo.gl/FFVYr3

> 2. What's a reasonable amount of RAM to have installed client-side, 
> for 4GB-RAM guests?
> 3. Should the clients have a CPU that supports VT-x? 
> 4. Is it possible to have QXL supported on the clients regardless of 
> the physical video adapter installed?
> 5. And what about the soundcard support? Will any linux-supported 
> soundcard do on the clients?

After having installed a test drive guest at my home network, I suspect 
I have understood a few things. I think the client needs only the 
minimum resources to run remote-viewer, but:

1. If the client has a linux supported video adapter, and the guest has 
the spice agent installed, then the guest OS can handle hardware 
accelerated video playback in remote-viewer.

2. The client RAM is never used for the guest OS processes

3. It follows that hardware 3D acceleration is meaningless in a 
networked environment, because the client video adapter would need DMA 
to the server RAM over the network, which would be least very slow, if 
not impossible at all.

Am I correct?

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