[libvirt-users] Pivot without copy

Mathew Moon mathew.moon at vipaar.com
Tue May 19 21:29:18 UTC 2015


    Sorry about top-posting, didn't know it was a nuisance. As for
    I wish I could but I have never spent any time coding in c, c++, etc. I
am a systems guy, not a developer, so I only work with scripting languages.
I would love to have the tech chops to contribute though. If I have a
chance I will look through the relevant code and see if there is anything
that I can do, but I suspect it will be a bit over my head.
    I will definitely check out doing snapshot-revert with internal
snapshots and hot plugging. With hot plugging I assume you mean to create a
storage volume, put it in as a virtual 'cd drive' and mount it that way. Is
that correct?
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