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Re: [libvirt-users] xl extra parameters equivalent for libvirt

On 05/18/2015 01:02 PM, Jim Fehlig wrote:
> On 05/18/2015 11:35 AM, Emma Anderson wrote:
>> hi,
>> I use xl toolstack to manage vms on a Xen machine, and also pass some
>> custom parameters when creating a vm, for example:
>> xl create vm.cfg ' param="xyz" '
> Documentation on create subcommand in the xl man page describes the
> 'key=value' options as
> key=value
> It is possible to pass key=value pairs on the command line to provide
> options as if
> they were written in the configuration file; these override whatever is
> in the
> configfile.
>> I am moving to libvirt for vm management. How I can pass those extra
>> parameters using libvirt?
> I'm not aware of similar functionality in libvirt.  You would need to
> customize the domXML before feeding it to 'virsh create'.

Qemu domains have that ability, via an XML namespace that adds

but no one has yet implemented that for Xen domains.  If you want to add
it, the src/qemu code would be the obvious starting point to copy from.

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