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Re: [libvirt-users] Hardware requirements for SPICEd desktops

I wrote:
1. Let's say I assign 4GB of RAM to each guest and that the network has 20 running guests at any given time, should the server have at least 80GB (20 by 4) of RAM or can I "oversell" a bit and bet on the fact that only few guests will actually use 4GB?

I've found the answer to this question: https://goo.gl/FFVYr3

2. What's a reasonable amount of RAM to have installed client-side, for 4GB-RAM guests? 3. Should the clients have a CPU that supports VT-x? 4. Is it possible to have QXL supported on the clients regardless of the physical video adapter installed? 5. And what about the soundcard support? Will any linux-supported soundcard do on the clients?

After having installed a test drive guest at my home network, I suspect I have understood a few things. I think the client needs only the minimum resources to run remote-viewer, but:

1. If the client has a linux supported video adapter, and the guest has the spice agent installed, then the guest OS can handle hardware accelerated video playback in remote-viewer.

2. The client RAM is never used for the guest OS processes

3. It follows that hardware 3D acceleration is meaningless in a networked environment, because the client video adapter would need DMA to the server RAM over the network, which would be least very slow, if not impossible at all.

Am I correct?

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