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Re: [libvirt-users] [ovirt-users] Bug in Snapshot Removing

Small addition again:

This error shows up in the log while removing snapshots WITHOUT rendering the Vms unresponsive

Jun 01 01:33:45 mc-dc3ham-compute-02-live.mc.mcon.net libvirtd[1657]: Timed out during operation: cannot acquire state change lock
Jun 01 01:33:45 mc-dc3ham-compute-02-live.mc.mcon.net vdsm[6839]: vdsm vm.Vm ERROR vmId=`56848f4a-cd73-4eda-bf79-7eb80ae569a9`::Error getting block job info
                                                                  Traceback (most recent call last):
                                                                    File "/usr/share/vdsm/virt/vm.py", line 5759, in queryBlockJobs…

From: Soeren Malchow <soeren malchow mcon net>
Date: Monday 1 June 2015 00:56
To: "libvirt-users redhat com" <libvirt-users redhat com>, users <users ovirt org>
Subject: [ovirt-users] Bug in Snapshot Removing

Dear all

I am not sure if the mail just did not get any attention between all the mails and this time it is also going to the libvirt mailing list.

I am experiencing a problem with VM becoming unresponsive when removing Snapshots (Live Merge) and i think there is a serious problem.

Here are the previous mails,

The problem is on a system with everything on the latest version, CentOS 7.1 and ovirt all upgrades applied.

This Problem did NOT exist before upgrading to CentOS 7.1 with an environment running ovirt 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 and Fedora 20 with the libvirt-preview repo activated.

I think this is a bug in libvirt, not ovirt itself, but i am not sure. The actual file throwing the exception is in VDSM (/usr/share/vdsm/virt/vm.py, line 697).

We are very willing to help, test and supply log files in anyway we can. 


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