[libvirt-users] VGA passtrough

Dominique Ramaekers dominique.ramaekers at cometal.be
Sat Nov 7 14:43:48 UTC 2015


I've been reading up on how to create guests which will have a gpu. I found a technologie of nvidia called Grid K1 or Grid K2. It's a graphical PCIe card which can make virtual gpu's available. Only I think nvidia doesn't support qemu and it looks expensive (didn't ask for a quote yet) because these cards are created for 10 tot 20 users. I only need to support about 6 tops. (and for now just one or two to start)

On libvirt-qemu we can also use the VGA-passtrough support. It seems easy enough.

I have the idea that when using the VGA passtrough, the screen image is send to the hdmi/dvi port on the grapfics card. It seems logical. Does this also mean I can't use the gpu power on a remote screen? I think when using spice, this is surely true but what if I use vnc?

If anyone can give me some tips on this, I'll appreciate it...



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