[libvirt-users] esx/vcenter: create a domain inside an folder

Cyrill von Wattenwyl cyrill.vonwattenwyl at adfinis-sygroup.ch
Mon Nov 23 17:58:44 UTC 2015

Hello at all

Im trying to create a domain inside a folder:

Host: foo.tld
Datacenter: dc1
Cluster: cluster name1
Host: esx.tld
Folder: folder/subfolder (inside Cluster bar.tld)

URL: vpx://foo.tld/dc1/cluster%20name1/folder/subfolder/esx.tld

I tried nearly every combination since the documentation is not 100% clear about that, but libvirt allways creates the domains inside vpx://foo.tld/dc1/ and not goes "deeper".

My questions:
- Is it even possible to create domains inside of a folder inside a cluster? If yes, how?
- Could the whitespace in cluster name be a problem?
- The user im trying to create the vms does not have permissions to view/change things on level datacenter/cluster/main folder. it can only view things in the subfolder. Could this be the issue?

Thanks for your time and best regards,

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