[libvirt-users] "Failed to start domain..."

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at jots.org
Wed Nov 25 21:17:47 UTC 2015

Sadly, I'm back with another issue.  I can do a "system list --all" just 
fine; however, if I attempt to start the machines, I get back:

maas at Bill-MAAS-cc:~$ strace -s 1024 -f -o /tmp/asdfasdf.log virsh -c 
vbox+ssh://gbadmin@ start PXE-client-07
error: Failed to start domain PXE-client-07
error: An error occurred, but the cause is unknown

Log files on both client and server are pretty sparse on details of any 
sort... as, again, is Google.  Any ideas?

Thanks yet again,


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