[libvirt-users] autpfs + nfs stuck on stat() inside libvirt lxc 1.2.18

mxs kolo kolomaxes at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 17:51:11 UTC 2015

Additioanl info.
after start automount inside LXC, in /etc/mtab added string:
/etc/auto.nfs /host autofs
rw,relatime,fd=6,pgrp=679,timeout=10,minproto=5,maxproto=5,indirect 0
And autmount hang on lstat('/host/SOMETHING')

If comment lstat() in code, automount would try make directory inside
/host/ and mkdir in such case return -1:
126                     int ret = mkdir(path, mode);
(gdb) p path
$3 = 0x7ffff7fc5250 "/host/vortex"
(gdb) p mode
$4 = 365
(gdb) n
127                     (void) umask(mask);
(gdb) p ret
$5 = -1

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