[libvirt-users] Setting a VM's vnetX qlen in the XML file

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Fri Oct 9 17:21:13 UTC 2015

Hi all,

  I have a two-node HA RHEL 6 setup hosting VMs. These use
static/standard bridges and all has worked wonderfully. Now though, I
need to adjust the qlen value of the vnetX devices for a given guest VM,
which I can do with:

ip link set dev vnet0 qlen 6000

  The problem with this approach is two-fold though;

1. I need to determine which vnetX is connected to a VM.
2. If the VM live-migrates, the qlen of the vnetX on the new host needs
to be updated.

  This causes an issue where network traffic is impacted until the
command is (re)ran. So I am hoping there is a way I can define the qlen
right in the VM's XML definition file so that it is set when the vnetX
device is created.

  Is this possible?


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