[libvirt-users] noVNC with qemu over ssh

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Wed Oct 14 15:29:25 UTC 2015

Hi all,

  I have a little webserver interface for managing VMs running on a RHEL
6 based HA cluster hosting KVM/qemu VMs. I'd like to use noVNC to
provide access to the hosted VMs, but I am not finding much information
on how to do this (or rather, I can't find it in the large number of
ovirt related posts).

  Has anyone done this or could someone point me in the right direction
to docs on how to do this? Trying to even get direct access isn't
getting me far (/usr/bin/novnc_server --vnc localhost:5900 -> click URL
-> enter password, hangs on "Starting VNC handshake").


PS - while testing, iptables and selinux are disabled... I'm trying to
get a most basic setup working

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