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[libvirt-users] unable to dissect libvirt rpc packets using wireshark plugin

I am trying libvirt plugin in wireshark to dissect RPC payload in TCP, but
finding dissector code not really working.

My env is Fedora core 21 (x86_64) and installed packages are as follow:


Earlier, just after installation, I noticed libvirt.so available only in
/usr/lib64/wireshark/plugins/1.12.5/ . Wireshark could not load libvirt plugin.
So, I copied above .so into 1.12.6/ under same plugins folder, following it
wireshark could list libvirt as supported protocol.

    tshark -G protocols | grep libvirt
    Libvirt    libvirt    libvirt

However, on checking with some pcaps which has libvirt RPC calls captured on
wire, wireshark does not list libvirt RPC packets, as I search for "libvirt"
protocol in pcap.

Have anyone experienced this before or if you have any pointer that I could
check in my env, that would be very helpful.

Gowrishankar M

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