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[libvirt-users] Encrytped USB devices

Hi here!

How libvirt virsh solves attachment of hot plug/unplug encrytped USB devices??

We've no problems attaching full encrypted(LUKS) usb disk or memory
pen to guest using virsh attach-disk command. But not working using
virsh attach-device to use USB pass-through and hot plug/unplug
features. USB pass-through works properly without encryption.

Any procedure to make it working?, attach-disk expects for a static
source (for example /dev/sdX), and we need some dynamical source
assigment due USB temporal and different host target, it's why we're
trying the attachment via attach-device to take advantage of
plug/unplug via USB pass-through, but only works on non-encrypted usb

We unknow if exist any alternatively way to make attach-disk more
dinamically, maybe by udev script or uuid source identification and
some re-attach procedure, any recommendation?? or virsh command direct


P.D. Please be free to move at libvir-list redhat com (for
development) if it's a new requested feature or fixing.

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