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Re: [libvirt-users] Managing VMs across multiple physical hosts

the libvirt command to see what is running is simply 'virsh list'

so if you have a config tool system like puppet/chef/ansible (or even remote ssh commands) you can simply send that command to each node.

We use ansible, so a simple on liner would be:

ansible all -i virt_list.ini -m command -a 'virsh list' --sudo

where the file virt_list.ini is the list of VM hosts.

That would output a listing that looks like this

host-b2 | SUCCESS | rc=0 >>
 Id    Name                           State
 4     vm34                      running
 5     vm42                      running

host-b3 | SUCCESS | rc=0 >>
 Id    Name                           State
 3     vm2                          running
 5     vm12                         running
 7     vm33                    running


so you would quickly see whats running where. With a little grep/awk/perl goodness, it would be trivial to pipe that output into a DB table that could searched and constantly updated.

The more hardcore ansible guys could make some sort of playbook that would do the above, but the above shows you the way.


On 4/24/2016 4:01 PM, Daniel Corbe wrote:
Hello List,

We’re currently managing VMs across approximately 26 physical hosts.  We tend to migrate VMs around a lot to do things like spread load and keep VMs running when physical hosts are in need of package updates.

Suffice it to say sometimes finding out which physical host a VM is currently running on can be a pain.

Anyone know of an open source tool that will give me a snapshot of what’s running where across a list of physical hosts?  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  A command-line utility will do.


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