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[libvirt-users] virsh, virt-filesystems, guestmount, virt-install not working well with ceph rbd yet?

Hello everybody,

This is a cross post to libvirt-users, libguestfs and ceph-users.

I came back from FOSDEM 2016 and this was my 7th year or so and seen the
awesome development around visualization going on and want to thank
everybody for there contributions.

I seen presentations from oVirt, OpenStack and quite a few great Redhat
people, just like the last previous years.

I personally been supporting Linux-HA (pacemaker) DRBD/iSCSI/KVM
platform for years now and last year I started supporting Ceph RBD
clusters with KVM hosts.

But I keep hitting some “pains” and I been wondering why they have not
been solved and how I can best request help around this?

Tools that don't seem to fully work with Ceph RBD yet:
- virsh snapshot-create --quiesce --disk-only $quest
- virt-filesystems ${array_volume[ ]}
- guestmount --ro ${array_volume[ ]} -m $mount /mnt/$name-$disk
- virt-install also doesn't have Ceph RBD and I currently use virsh edit
to add the RBD storage disks.

My request is to get these tools working as well with Ceph RBD and maybe
not only integrate oVirt or OpenStack alike systems. I use several types
of back-up strategies depending on the size on the data storage use. I
am not sure how oVirt and alike create secure encrypted incremental
off-site back-ups of large data sets but I use(d) combinations of
rdiff-backup, duplicity and full guest dumps with dd, rbd export, xz.
Are these issues known and important enough, roadmap, bug reports?
Should I start working for Redhat as I don't have the resources myself,
but I can help with some money towards a crowed fund or bounty.

Maybe my software is outdated?
virsh 1.2.9
ceph version 0.80.10
libguestfs-tools 1:1.28.1-1

My current workarounds for full storage exports:
virsh domfsfreeze $quest
sleep 2
virsh domblklist $quest
rbd snap create --snap snapshot $blkdevice
virsh domfsthaw $quest
rbd export $blkdevice snapshot - | xz -1 | ssh -p 222 $user $server "dd
rbd snap rm $blkdevice snapshot

Kind regards,

Jelle de Jong
irc: #tuxcrafter

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