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Re: [libvirt-users] GPU passthrough - MSI R9 380 4GB, works only ONCE

Thank you man. Appreciate it.


On Feb 8, 2016 10:59 PM, "Laine Stump" <laine laine org> wrote:
On 02/07/2016 12:04 PM, David Hlacik wrote:
Hello guys,

I have a problem when using my MSI R9 380 4G graphic card as GPU passthrough with KVM.

At the first linux boot (Fedora 23) I am able to successfully start virtual machine and it works!

However if i will shut down virtual machine and start it again - the screen will stay blank!

So far I have been able to find on the internet that some graphic cards just can not reinitialize itself when there is no power off/on, which could be the case of mine as well.

This ^^^. I hit reply to tell you this, but you've already learned it for yourself. AFAIK, there is no solution for this problem (other than to buy a different brand of GPU - read everything on http://vfio.blogspot.com for advice).

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