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Re: [libvirt-users] nested vms and nested macvtaps

On 11.07.2016 17:46, jsl6uy js16uy wrote:
> Thanks much sir
> Ease I think mainly
> adding a macvtap is pretty quick, performant and works. And last but
> definitely not least, ignorance of other quick easy solutions.
> Well, also macvtap works on older hardware where I don't have physical
> functions to passthrough via sr-iov, that is what you are pointing to with
> "macvtaps in the most outer one VM and pass them thru to inner layer
> VMs"?
> Currently I can use macvtaps with an old HP xw8600 desktop with the
> integrated  broadcoms
> yeah ease/hardware/ignorance

I'll be using terminology as defined here:


What I meant is to have macvtaps for your L0 guest, which are then
visible as regular interfaces in in. These interfaces could be then
passed thru to your L1 guest. There's no need for SRI-OV, no need for
bleeding edge HW, nothing. It's all done in software.


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