[libvirt-users] qemu 2.7 / libvirt 2.2 / iPXE

Gregory Gincley rollenwiese at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 17 15:34:03 UTC 2016


I've been having some trouble lately with iPXE booting. 

I'm on Arch Linux

vanilla 4.7.4 kernel
qemu 2.7
libvirt 2.2.0
virt-manager 1.4.0

Since the upgrade from qemu 2.6.1 to 2.7 a few days ago. I'm no longer
able to PXE boot using a bridged network connection.

The PXE boot fails using NAT (host only) networking as well, when on a
domain thats started by virt-manager, or through virsh.

My networking setup is a bridge (br1) (shared device) established by

Another machine on my LAN acts as a tFTP server and my router (tomato)
directs all machines to it via this dnsmasq directive:


I have used this setup for years without issue.

All other networking functionality appears to be fine if I boot into
existing domains, skipping PXE rom.

This occurs on domains created with 2.6.1 or with 2.7

Reverting to qemu 2.6.1 package corrects the issue.

When I choose PXE boot, the machine immediately moves to a paused state
(crashed). I only see this:

Booting from ROM...
iPXE (PCI 00:03.0) starting execution

Followed by an immediate crash of qemu. The log simply states emulation
error with some other information I don't understand memory contents

I can use qemu virtual networking and boot via local files served over
tfp: eg:

qemu-system-x86_64 -boot n -net nic,model=virtio,vlan=0 -net

I have also tried reverting to the 2.6.1 pxe-virtio.rom file while
using qemu 2.7. Still I get the crash.

So this appears to be some issue with how either libvirt/qemu is
interacting with my network?

I'm not sure what to look at next?

Anyone else have similar issues?


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