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[libvirt-users] Windows Guest Server 2016, bad performance of whole virtualisation system

hello list,
i did a kvm guest with virt-manager and installed windows server 2016.
performance settings for the disk: hypervisor default for cache & io mode

i added a 2nd disk to the guest , also with hypervisor default settings on cache & io mode Under disk settings in windows server 2016 i set "format whole disk NTFS"
i did not choose the "quick format" option.

when windows is formatting this 1TB drive the performance on the virtualisation host goes down
loging via ssh take ages, top take 2 mins to start up.

the physical disks are connected to a raid controller LSI and FS on virtualisation server where the qcow2 files are is XFS.

DO i have to set another options for "performance options" as "hypervisor default" to keep the system performant on formatting the disk?

thanks for any hints.


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