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[libvirt-users] Does lxc support cputune/vcpusched option

I need a container that supports real time threads. According to the documentation, I can do something like this:

<domain type='lxc'>
  <vcpu placement='auto'>2</vcpu>
    <vcpusched vcpus='0-1' scheduler='fifo' priority='1'/>

The document describes the vcpusched element as follows:

The optional vcpusched elements specifies the scheduler type (values batch, idle, fifo, rr) for particular vCPU/IOThread threads (based on vcpus and iothreads, leaving out vcpus/iothreads sets the default). Valid vcpus values start at 0 through one less than the number of vCPU's defined for the domain. Valid iothreads values are described in the iothreadids description. If no iothreadids are defined, then libvirt numbers IOThreads from 1 to the number of iothreads available for the domain. For real-time schedulers (fifo, rr), priority must be specified as well (and is ignored for non-real-time ones). The value range for the priority depends on the host kernel (usually 1-99).

So I *think* my xml is correct for this, but it doesn't seem to work--I still can't create real time threads in my container. Am I missing another configuration step somewhere?


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