[libvirt-users] NTP traffic blocked

Sinan Polat sinan at turka.nl
Tue Aug 22 18:01:18 UTC 2017

I have multiple VM's on the same KVM host. One of the VM's is running NTP.
All VM's can reach eachother, no firewall in between. But the problem is,
the VM's cannot communicate over port 123/udp to the NTP VM.







VM ntp:

VM foo:


1. On the NTP server, listen for any incoming packets from VM foo on port

[ntp ~]# tcpdump -i any host and port 123 -n


2. Execute the following on server foo. Since server ntp is listening with
tcpdump, packets should be visible in tcpdump.

[foo ~]# ntpdate


This is failing:

ntpdate[30443]: no server suitable for synchronization found


No packets are coming in to the ntp server, tcpdump is just blank. Weird.



To troubleshoot further, start over and do the following:

[ntp ~]# tcpdump -i any host and port 123 -n ## Listen for
packets filtering host and port 123

[foo ~]# tcpdump -i any host and port 123 -n ## Listen for
packets filtering host and port 123


While both tcpdumps are running, execute the following:

[foo ~]# ntpdate


Now, on the tcpdump of VM foo, you will see outgoing packets:

19:45:26.644630 IP > NTPv4, Client,
length 48


As you can see, packets are exiting the server, but there is no response.


And the tcpdump of the ntp server is still empty, it doesn't receive the
packets (so, it won't reply). But why?



Lets troubleshoot further and run ntpdate in debugging mode:


[foo ~]# ntpdate -dv

22 Aug 19:51:23 ntpdate[30465]: ntpdate 4.2.6p5 at 1.2349-o Wed Mar  1 09:00:52
UTC 2017 (1)

Looking for host and service ntp

host found : some-host.com





server, port 123


22 Aug 19:51:29 ntpdate[30465]: step time server offset
1.414813 sec



Wow it worked!? But it only works with the "-d" option. What is the
difference between normal and debgging mode? Lets have a closer look;
without the "-d" option, the src and dest ports are 123. When using the "-d"
option, the src port is not 123 (it is a random high port number).



On the KVM host and on the VM's there is no firewall active, even if there
was a firewall, in tcpdump the packets should have been shown.


Anyone who can help? Thanks!



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