[libvirt-users] vm in qcow2 runs on host A but not on host B

Marko Weber weber at zbfmail.de
Fri Aug 25 11:51:45 UTC 2017

Hi Macros,

Am 2017-08-25 11:54, schrieb Marcos:
> Hi everyone,
> Windows are very sensitive with hardware, mainly with CPU.
> If you change, you break.
> It is not the virtualization system fault.
> For libvirt/kvm you can use the CPU kvm64 that hidde some specifics
> features from the operational system.
> In this case it is easier to migrate VM from host to host.
> You can use the migration feature from libvirt to test if the 2 hosts
> are compatible for migrating your windows VM.
> If libvirt tells you that it is not compatible and you copy the VM -
> it would break your VM.

btw, its a linux vm i copied from host A to host B by rsync.
Its´s not windows

is the vm "bookamrking" the cpu features and all? if so, how can i reset 



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