[libvirt-users] vm in qcow2 runs on host A but not on host B

Marko Weber weber at zbfmail.de
Fri Aug 25 18:41:26 UTC 2017


host A  x86_64
host B  x86_64
vm x86_64

i try now this: on 'host B' where vm runs,  compile "generic_x86_64" 
kernel reboot and recompile complete system with no CPU_FLAGS
and will see if 'vm' runs on 'host A'


Am 2017-08-25 14:26, schrieb Marcos:
> Well, linux is easier then windows.
> The host A is 64 or 32 bits ?
> The host B is 64 or 32 bits ?
> The VM is 64 or 32 ?
> 64 bits VM does not runs on 32 bits host

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