[libvirt-users] network configuration for guest specific dns-servers

David Ayers ayers at fsfe.org
Thu Aug 31 09:32:08 UTC 2017

Thanks a lot, Martin!

Am Donnerstag, den 31.08.2017, 10:11 +0200 schrieb Martin Kletzander:
> On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 12:10:22AM +0200, David Ayers wrote:
> >
> >We would like to configure guest specific dns-servers as would be done
> >with the --dhcp-option of dnsmasq.  I was expecting to be able to do
> >something like:
> >
> >    <host mac="00:16:3e:77:e2:ed"
> >	name="foo.example.com"
> >	ip=""
> >	dhcp-option="dns-server," />
> >
> >but it seems that this isn't the correct approach, as virsh net-edit
> >default removes that attribute definition.
> >
> AFAIK the support for this was not added.  Feel free to request this in
> our bugzilla [1] so that we can track it.  Or, even better, send a patch
> if you have some time ;) It should not be difficult.

Okay, I'll be sure to add it to bugzilla sometime soon.

Your request for a patch implies that this would be a welcome feature
and will not be rediscussed on its principal merit correct?
(implementation details notwithstanding ;-) )

The reason I ask, is that I do not have a development environment ready
for libvirt and there will be quite a bit work before I've read through
all your guidelines, setup a development VM (I suppose that should be
easiest with the latest stable release of Fedora, RHEL or CentOS?)

I'm not sure yet that I can muster up the time, but it does seem
interesting, so a may give it shot.  It would be very disappointing if
it then were rejected on principle.

Thank you!

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