[libvirt-users] public IP for VM

scar scar at drigon.com
Thu Dec 7 04:57:49 UTC 2017

I can't seem to figure out how to setup a public IP for the VM so we 
could use it as a second public webserver.  The host machine runs our 
primary webserver with CentOS 6.9 and one public ipv4 address configured 
on physical interface eth0.  Now i have configured a new bridge 
interface br0:

The IP settings are for a second public ipv4 address in the same 
network.  Now i setup the VM to use br0 for the NIC and set the same IP 
settings inside the VM... but it doesn't work.  The VM can't resolve any 
hosts, and if i try to ssh to the second public IP, it just sends me to 
the host machine instead of the VM.

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